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Emissions Regulations

Compliance with Emissions Regulations

Motor vehicle emissions standards are intended to help achieve and maintain air quality goals that benefit human health and the environment. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the California Air Resources Board, Environment Canada, and other regulatory agencies prohibit the operation of vehicles on public roads that violate applicable emissions standards. The alteration of certified production vehicles to modify, remove, or render inoperable emissions control hardware or software, known as "tampering," is prohibited by the U.S. Clean Air Act and other laws. Tampering with motor vehicles emissions control systems is punishable by substantial monetary penalties. Consumers are responsible for complying with laws prohibiting tampering, and for ensuring that modified vehicles are operated in a manner that complies with applicable laws.

To help consumers maintain compliance with emissions regulations, the product descriptions for many parts include emissions-related warnings and notices. This page summarizes the emissions-related information that you may see on the website.


This website includes parts that are intended solely for competition vehicles that will only be driven on a track or an off-road course. Such parts are not designed to be installed on vehicles that will be driven on public roads. The product descriptions for such parts are accompanied by the following warning:


This part is designed and intended for competition use only. It should not be installed on a vehicle that is driven on public roads and highways. Installation of this part on a vehicle driven on public roads and highways is likely to violate U.S. and Canadian laws and regulations relating to motor vehicle emissions.

Consumers are strongly advised not to install parts accompanied by this warning on vehicles that will be driven on public roads.


This website also includes parts that are intended only as replacement parts for use in certain vehicle applications. The product descriptions for such parts are accompanied by the following notice:


This part is intended as a replacement part for use only in the application(s) identified in the product description. Installation of this part in a vehicle for which it is not intended may violate U.S. and Canadian laws and regulations related to motor vehicle emissions. 

Consumers are strongly advised to install parts accompanied by this warning only in the vehicle applications for which they are intended.  


Parts that are not accompanied by any of the above notices are judged by DDPM Performance to be unlikely to affect motor vehicle emissions in most vehicle applications, when properly installed and used. Consumers are responsible, however, for determining whether the installation of a component will affect the emissions of their vehicle. 


DDPM Inc is committed to a program of performance parts development that allows Motorsport enthusiasts to modify their vehicles and meet emission requirements. The information provided here is intended to provide general guidance of interest to most consumers. This guidance may not apply to all vehicles or all situations. It is up to each consumer to evaluate his or her own situation and take the steps necessary to comply with applicable laws. The websites listed below have more information about regulations and policies pertaining to motor vehicle emissions. You should also check the regulations applicable to your local area. 

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