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Carrillo 6.0L Powerstroke Pro-H Connecting Rod Set (With H-11 Bolts)



CP CARRILLO Diesel billet connecting rods feature an improved H-beam design to save reciprocating mass and use military-spec, aircraft-quality, chromoly steel, which is said to be similar to 300M. In addition, these rods are triple-tempered, surface-peened, cryogenic treated, and balanced plus or minus 1 gram using ARP fasteners. All units are Magnaflux-inspected and Rockwell hardness tested. These are the strongest and lightest 6.0L Power stroke rods on the market, weighing in at 50 grams less than the competition. A must for 650+ hp applications

Carrillo Connecting rods were founded by Fred Carrillo in 1963. Approaching the challenges of manufacturing without compromised results,

Fred knew the never ending quest for speed would require the same desire in component manufacturing.

Carrillo is focused and committed to manufacturing excellent connecting rods period.

This dedication has created one of the most impressive success records of any automotive aftermarket parts supplier.

Their long-lasting relationship with high-end racing teams, such as NASCAR, IndyCar, American Lemans and GrandAM, has enabled Carrillo to continually push the envelope on innovative design.

Through these relationships, they constantly introduce a wide range of catalog items showcasing the latest advancements in connecting rod technology.

The Carrillo Rods quest of excellence pushes them to success, but confident use by truck owners everywhere is what keeps them moving forward.


Additional information

Weight 13.6077711 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 12 × 12 in

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