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Maxxforce 7 International 6.4 Engine Long Block



Maxxforce 7 International 6.4 Engine Long Block

Our  Maxxforce 7  6.4 long blocks are the best in the industry, we include much more for your money than all of our competitors (see description below), our machining process dose not very, all our engines receive the same quality machining process all done in house. Over 60+ years combined of engine machining and engine building experience sets us apart from other re manufacturers. Our 6.4 Maxxforce 7 long blocks are built to last, with over 1000+ sold, we continue to push the envelope on quality. Every engine we build is tested and created in a steel shipping crate to insure you receive a 100% working quality product.

Engine Description:

  •  2007-2015
  • Piston set .010 .020 or .030 over
  • Maxxforce 7 HD Ceramic coated
  • Cleveite 77 H Bearings
  • HD Lifters
  • New lifter hold downs
  • New OEM rocker arm assemblies
  • New push-rods
  • Oven Bake cylinder block
  • Shot peen and stress relieve cylinder block
  • Mag and pressure test block
  • Tap and clean all threaded holes in block
  • Cylinder Block
  • Cnc Bored .010 .020 or .030 over
  • Cnc Honed with Tq Plates
  • Cylinder block resurfaced
  • Line Hone Main tunnel
  • Tap oil galley holes for thread in plugs
  • Clean and prep block
  • Install new cam bearings
  • Install new piston oil cooler jets
  • (2) New oem Head gaskets Installed  (dose not include full gasket set)
  • Cylinder heads, oven cleaned, shot peen’d, wet mag for cracks, pressure tested
  • 32 High nickel performance valve seats installed
  • 32 Ductile iron Valve guides installed
  • 8 new injector cups
  • 32 new oem valves
  • New Oem valve springs
  • New Oem locks retainers and bonded valve seals
  • Custom cut valve seats
  • Hone valve guides
  • Surface cylinder head to a very fine ra 4 finnish
  • Precision ground Crankshaft
  • Balance crankshaft
  • Arp Head studs
  • New updated  billet camshaft installed (helps prevent lifter failure)

Connecting Rods: (8) New Oem

  • Assembly and blue print of long block
  • Sim test long block
– Freight is included to locations with folk lift available US 48 only
– Fully customizable to meet the needs of any application.
Note: 6.4 are known for have excessive cylinder wear and spun main bearings most engine blocks can be fixed Cylinder sleeves and Line Boring will be added to your final bill if needed.

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