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6.0L Powerstroke Diesel Over Haul Kit Stage 1



6.0L Powerstroke Diesel Over Haul Kit Stage 1

Our Stage 1 Master Overhaul Kit is a great match for Daily Drivers and Heavy Towing applications, This kit will increase. Up to 40+Hp & 70+ ft lbs over a factory engine, Faster turbo spool and lower egts.  Works great with single Non VGT turbo kits, custom tuning is not required but highly suggested.

6.0 L  Power stroke Diesel Engine Over Haul Kit Stage 1.

Fits Any 6.0 Ford Power Stroke Diesel 2003-2010

  • Pistons Feature:
  • Cerakote thermal management coating, far superior to dated ceramic coatings
  • Steel top ring groove, perfect for street strip trucks over the long haul
  • Grafal moly based friction coating on skirts
  • Plasma coated steel top ring, Ductile Iron second ring, 2 piece oil ring
  • Coated Tops Help Reduce Heat
  •  Milled valve pockets for larger cams
  • Lower EGT’S
  • Lower Oil Temps
  • Increased HP & Fuel Mileage
  • The Piston Go Thru a 4 Stage Coating Process Done In House
  • Pistons Include:
  • 8 Pistons With Coated Tops
  • Teflon Coated Skirts
  • 8 Pins
  • 16 Locks
  • Mahle Piston Rings Are Included
  • Reduced compression options are for cylinder blocks that have been milled more than .006
  • Cleveite Rod & Main Bearings
  • Sizing .STD-.010-.020-.030
  • Cam bearings
  • Billet Push rods .050 shorter (6.4 Length)
  • Lifters HD LIFTER SET
  • Complete Upper & Lower Gasket Set
  • Completely redesigned cam profile to reduce cam and lifter failures, Smooth Lobe Ramp Rate Technology
    Quicker Turbo Spool-Up
    Lower Exhaust Gas Temperatures
  • Camshaft Includes a Life Time Replacement Warranty
    Duration @ .50: INT. 174 Deg, Cam Lift: 0.254, Valve Lift: 0.355, LSA: 107
    Duration @ .50: EX. 194 Deg, Cam Lift: 0.255, Valve Lift: 0.362, LSA: 107
    Rocker Ratio Int: 1.4-1, Exhaust 1.42-1
  • FREE T-Shirt Included, please select your size before check out.
  • These kits are not to be used in VT365 International Engines without custom tuning

Gasket & Seals Set Includes:

4-Oil Pan,1-Oil Filter. 1-Misc O-ring, 1-Timing Cover, 1-Oil Pump inlet, 1-EGR Valve, 1-Oil Manifold, 1-Misc. Washer, 2-Cylinder Head, 1-Crank case cover, 4-Cylinder head plug, 2-EGR cooler, 1-EGR valve, 16-Fuel injection grommet, 8-Fuel injection o-ring, 8-Injection nozzle washer, 13-Intake Manifold, 3-Oil cooler, 1-Oil cooler o-ring, 1-Thermostat, 2-Throttle body, 3-Turbo air fitting, 4-Turbo oil drain, 4-valve cover, 20-valve cover grommet, 1-water outlet, 2-exhaust manifold, 6-exhaust pipe.1-Crankshaft cover, 1-Timing cover, 1-Rear main seal, 2-Valve cover gasket, 32-Valve steam seals

Please spec sizing of pistons and bearings needed when ordering

PLEASE READ:(Piston Agreement) Please take your engine block to the machine shop and have them measure your cylinders so you know what size pistons to order. If you change your piston size after your order has been completed and shipped you will be charged a restocking & shipping fee. Pistons with ceramic coating and/or machined pistons CAN NOT BE EXCHANGED!

Additional information

Weight 78.1436948 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 24 × 12 in

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