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6.4L Ford Powerstroke Diesel Stage 2 Rebuild Kit 2008-2010



Our Stage 2 Master Overhaul Kit is a great match for Max Hp Daily Drivers and Light towing applications, This kit will increase. Up to 70+Hp & 150+ ft lbs over a factory engine, Faster turbo spool and lower egts!  Works great with single Non VGT turbo kits, custom tuning is not required but highly suggested.

  • 6.4 Ford Power Stroke Diesel 2007-2010
  • Stage 2 Master Over Haul Kit
  • Ceramic Coated/Fly-cut & De-lipped Pistons
  • Callies Enduro Stage 2 billet Camshaft (No Core Charge)
  • Completely redesigned cam profile to reduce cam and lifter failures, Smooth Lobe Ramp Rate Technology
  • One piece Billet Push rods
  • Stage 1 High Rev 100lb Valve springs
  • Fits any 6.4L Ford Power Stroke Diesel 2007-2010.
  • 8-New Mahle International Maxxforce 7 HD 6.4L Pistons
  • .STD-.010-.020-.030-.040 bore sizing available.
  • Moly piston skirt coating.
  • 8-DLC coated wrist pins.
  • 16-pin locks.
  • 8-ring sets.
  • Cleveite rod & main bearings (STD-.010-.020)
  • LIFTERS: 16-HD USA made lifter set.
  • CAMSHAFT: Kit Includes CALLIES Billet Stage 2 street/towing custom grind cam 70+HP
    (works with factory tune & aftermarket tunes)
  • FREE T-Shirt Included, please select your size before check out.

We also offer Colt & RCD Billet Camshafts as an option

Gasket & Seals Set Includes: 4-oil pan, 1-oil filter, 1-misc o-ring, 1-timing cover, 1-oil pump inlet, 1-EGR valve, 1-oil manifold, 1-misc washer, 2-cylinder head,1-crank case cover, 4-cylinder head plug, 2- EGR cooler, 1-EGR valve, 16- fuel injection grommet, 8-fuel injection o-ring, 8- injection nozzle washer, 13- intake manifold, 3- oil cooler, 1-oil cooler o-ring, 1-thermostat, 2-throttle body, 3-turbo air fitting, 4-turbo oil drain, 4- valve cover, 20-valve cover grommet, 1-water outlet, 2-exhaust manifold, 6-exhaust pipe, 1-crankshaft cover, 1-timing cover, 1-rear main seal, 2-valve covers, 32- valve steam seal, 8-fuel injection lines.

Please spec sizing of pistons and bearings needed when ordering

Kits usually ship with in 3-5 business days depending on stock.

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in
Piston Size

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Rod Bearing Size

, , ,

Camshaft Options

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Mill Top Options

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Main Bearing Size

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