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6.4L Powerstroke International HD Maxx Force 7 Pistons

$1,077.98 $1,038.98


6.4 Power Stroke / International HD Maxx Force 7 Pistons

We engineered our pistons at 45cc of volume to put you at a nice safe 16:5:1 static compression ratio, safe for big boost/nitrous, but still easy starting for street driving and towing applications. We start with the industrial Maxxforce 7 pistons, a stronger design than the problematic 6.4 Ford oem pistons. They feature our soft radius bowl design, and valve reliefs with our proprietary soft edges to eliminate hot spots. They’re then coated with our signature Cerakote coating, used by Mahle and other OEM’s, this disperses heat more evenly, and reflects heat away from the piston, protecting the piston and aiding in combustion efficiency. Our pistons are done 100% in house unlike most, to control quality of the finish product.

  • Sizes Available: .STD .010- .020 -.030-.040
    (Please Spec Size when Ordering)
  • Ceramic Coated Tops
  • Lower EGT’S
  • Precision cnc machined piston fuel bowl de-lipped
  • Lower Oil Temps
  • Increased HP & Fuel Mileage
  • Suited For Any Use Street/Race
  • Pistons Are Made In The U.S.A Buy Mahle Corp
  • Pistons Include:
  • 8 Pistons With Ceramic Coated Crowns
  • Teflon Coated Skirts
  • 8 Pins
  • 16 Locks
  • Mahle Piston Pre-gapped Rings Are Included
  • When ordering please spec what size piston are needed.
  • .050 deep valve pockets for any Stage 1 and Stage 2 Cams
  • .075 deep pockets for any Stage 3 & Stage 4 Cams
  • .100 deep pockets fr any extreme applications such as solid roller cams
  • We also offer Milled piston tops for Engine blocks that have been milled past factory piston protrusion Spec’s at no additional charge. If your block deck surface has been mill more then -.004 we suggest adding -.010 mill option. Maximum Piston Protrusion is .034 @ TDC

Additional information

Weight 9.0718474 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in
Piston Bore Size

.010, .020, .030, .STD

Mill Top Options

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