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6.0L Ford Powerstroke Diesel Ultimate Overhaul Kit Stage 2




Our Stage 2 Ultimate Overhaul Kit is a great match for Max Hp Daily Drivers and Light towing applications, This kit will increase. Up to 70+Hp & 150+ ft lbs over a factory engine, Faster turbo spool and lower egts!  Works great with single Non VGT turbo kits, custom tuning is not required but highly suggested.

This Kit Includes Our New and improved Oringed Cylinder heads Complete

  • 6.0L Ford Power Stroke Diesel 2003-2010
  • 8-New Mahle .STD-.020-.030-.040 bore sizing available
  • Fly Cut Valve pockets .050 deep ( Fuel bowl options are available in drop down menu)
  • Ceramic coating on tops of pistons
  • Molly piston skirt coating
  • 8-wrist pins
  • 16-pin locks
  • 8-ring sets
  • BEARINGS: Cleveite rod & main bearings (STD-.020-.030)
  • LIFTERS: 16-HD USA made lifter set
  • CAMSHAFT: Kit Includes CALLIES Billet Enduro Stage 2 custom grind cam 70+HP
  • Completely redesigned cam profile to reduce cam and lifter failures, Smooth Lobe Ramp Rate Technology
  • 100 lb High Rev Valves Springs Installed on cylinder heads (32)
  • One Piece Billet .050 shorter Push-rods (16)
  • FREE T-Shirt Included, please select your size before check out.

We also offer COLT & RCD Billet Camshafts as options

De-lip fuel bowl options: for daily driver & street performance we do not recommend de-lipping the fuel bowls ( Could cause white fuel smoke on cold start ups) We do recommend selecting the de-lipping fuel bowl option, for large turbo &  injector applications for High performance street & off road applications.) 

Gasket & Seals Set Includes: 4-oil pan, 1-oil filter, 1-misc o-ring, 1-timing cover, 1-oil pump inlet, 1-EGR valve, 1-oil manifold, 1-misc washer, 2-cylinder head,1-crank case cover, 4-cylinder head plug, 2- EGR cooler, 1-EGR valve, 16- fuel injection grommet, 8-fuel injection o-ring, 8- injection nozzle washer, 13- intake manifold, 3- oil cooler, 1-oil cooler o-ring, 1-thermostat, 2-throttle body, 3-turbo air fitting, 4-turbo oil drain, 4- valve cover, 20-valve cover grommet, 1-water outer, 2-exhaust manifold, 6-exhaust pipe, 1-crankshaft cover, 1-timing cover, 1-rear main seal, 2-valve covers, 32- valve steam seals.

These kits are not to be used in VT365 International Engines without custom tuning.

Please spec sizing of pistons and bearings needed when ordering, Kits usually ship with in 3-5 business days depending on stock.

Proven Power Combinations:

  • Stage 2 Master Overhaul Kit
  • Stage 2 68 mm VGT Turbo
  • 190/75 Injectors
  • Thumper 1 High pressure oil pump
  • Odawgs S3R Ported Intake
  • Regulated Return Fuel system
  • And other supporting mods
  • We have made over 685 HP / 1400 Ft lbs  with custom tuning on our 2006 F-250 test truck.
  • When running a non vgt Turbo we suggest a torque converter replacement with a higher stall of at least 200 rpm over stock rpm.

Additional information

Weight 78.1436948 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 24 in

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